The following people have given their permission for us to show their intention to attend the Memorial Service:

Name: (Prefix) Name: (First) Name: (Last) Representing:
Mrs Diana Alderson self
Rev Robin Alderson self
Air Cdre Michael Allisstone  
Brigadier & Mrs Allan Alstead Former MA to General Pat
  Neville Anderson  
Colonel Roderick Arnold The Royal Sussex Regiment
Brig Barrie Atkinson Army Catering Corps
Major Teddy Bagnell  
Mr (Capt) Michael Bampfylde Self
Col Tony (AF) Barnett ACC Association
Col Anthony Barnett OBE ACC Vice-President
The Rev John Barrie  
Maj Gen Richard Barron QRH
Mr Colin Barry  
Brig Andrew Bellamy The Queen's Royal Hussars
Mrs Annabel Bellamy Self
Mr Michael Best  
Mr Paul Bishop Sail Training International
Mr Paul Bishop James Myatt Trust & Sail Training International
Brig Barry Bloxham CBE Myself - DACC 1988-1991
Mr. Robert James (Jim) Blythe The non Military organisations
Lady Avril Bramall  
Field Marshal Lord Dwin Bramall  
Lt Col (Retd) Dick Bromley Gardner Staff College with Pat
Col Michael Bromley Gardner  
Mrs Teresa Bromley Gardner  
wing Commander Hilary Brooking Trant MBE  
Mr Geoffrey Burgess  
Mrs Jean Burgess  
Gen Sir Edward Burgess  
Mr Nigel Burnip Old Framlinghamian
Lt Col Michael Butler  
Mr * Cane  
Mrs * Cane  
Mr Garry Canham  
Mr David Cannon  
Major General Sir Michael Carleton-Smith  
Lady Iona Carnegie  
Mr Rupert Carnegie Godson
Lt Gen Sir Robin Carnegie QRH
Lt Col Charles Carter  
Mrs Clare Carter  
Lady Annabel Chapple Herself & Field Marshal Sir John Chapple
Mrs Felicity Chiswell  
Maj Gen Peter Chiswell  
Mr Peter Cleminson The Royal British Legion
Mrs Una Cleminson The Royal British Legion (wife of National Chairman, Peter Cleminson)
Mrs Jane Clifton-Bligh  
Col John Clifton-Bligh  
Colonel Christopher Coles QRH serving in England (former C Squadron Leader)
Mr Brendon Cooney ACC Standard Bearer
Lady Cynthia Cooper  
Mrs Pru Cooper  
Gen Sir George Cooper  
Mrs Caroline Cotton  
Lt Col Rodney Cotton  
Mr Charles Cowell Tall Ships Youth Trust (STA)
Mr Graham Craddock The Worshipful Company of Cooks of London
Col (Retd) Robert Crichton Self
  Michael Cunningham  
  Virginia Cunningham  
Mr Roger Dalzell Self and Royal Worlington and Newmarket Golf Club
Mr Nicholas Dawson Paul  
Mr Richard Day St Albans Branch Burma Star Assoc with Standard
  Nicolas de Boinville self
Mrs Fiona de Fonblanque International Sail Training Association
  Richard de Lacy QC Royal British Legion Poppy Factory
Mrs Fiona Dean  
Lt Col Robert Dean  
Major General Arthur Denaro  
Mrs Maggi Denaro  
Maj Gen Roy Dixon  
Mrs Elizabeth Duckett  
Mrs Jackie Elcock  
Mr Miles Elliott  
Mr Chris Essex Society of Old Framlinghamians
Mr Alan Fairbrass Member of the Scottish Branch of the Army Catering Corps Association and Past Master Worshipful Company of Cooks
Mrs Patricia Fairclough Mr Ian Fairclough (ISTA)
Mr Andrew Fane  
Mr John Farmer The Royal British Legion
Mr. Martin Fielding  
Mr Ian P Fisher Formerly Tall Ships Races Committee
Lady R Ford  
Gen Sir Robert Ford  
Mrs Beryl Freeman  
Mr Norman Freeman  
Mr Patrick Gardner St John's School, Leatherhead
Mr Gerald Garnett N/A
Mrs Janet Gauntlett James Myatt Memorial Trust & Sail Training International
Mrs Caroline Gay  
Captain Philip Gay  
Mrs Emma Grainger  
Mr Richard Grainger  
Mrs Jo Greenwood QRH
Brigadier Robin Greenwood QRH
Mr Michael Griffin Q.O.H Coventry Troop
Mr John Grimes National Standard Bearer, The Royal British Legion
Major Nicholas Haines  
Mrs Virginia Haines  
Mrs Mariette Hall With Col Hall
Colonel Tom Hall Cavalry and Guards Club
Mr Brian Harris Self
Major Patrick HARTIGAN Myself & The Regiment
Brigadier Francis Henn  
Mrs Monica Henn  
Mr Robin Hitchcock  
Mr Donald Hodgson Worshipful Company of Cooks
Lt Col Paul Hodgson  
Mrs Rosie Hodgson  
Mr Adam Howard-Dobson Family
Mr Alaistair Howard-Dobson Family
Mr Alex Howard-Dobson Family
Mr Ben Howard-Dobson Family
Mrs Catherine Howard-Dobson Family
Mr James Howard-Dobson Family
Mrs Jane Howard-Dobson Family 
Mr Josh Howard-Dobson Family
Mr Peter Howard-Dobson Family
Mr Simon Howard-Dobson Family
Gen Sir Geoffrey Howlett  
Brig Keith Hudson ACC-former Director&Rep. Col. Comdt. ACC
Major David Innes-Lumsden QRH
Mrs Margaret Innes-Lumsden QRH
Mr Peter Istead  
Colonel Simon Jackson Self
Mrs Ann Jenkins  
Maj Gen David Jenkins  
Lady Belinda Johnston  
The Venerable Frank Johnston QOH
Lt Gen Sir Maurice Johnston  
Mr John Kane Worshipful Company of Cooks, Past Master 1995/96
Mr Jimmy Kemp Burma Star Regional Chairman & Standard Bearer
Gen Sir Brian and lady Kenny QRH
Major Jeremy Kerr  
Brig Edward Killick Friend
Mrs Elizabeth Killick Friend
LtGenSir John Kiszely The Royal British Legion
Mr Vic Knibb The Burma Star Association
Major John Knight  
Major Jeremy Langlands self
The Hon Mrs Selena Langlands self
Mr Jeremy Leighton  
Mrs Susan Leighton  
Mrs Charlotte Leonard Family
Mr Daniel Leonard Family
Mrs Rosie Lerwill Self and accompanying husband
Lt Col Tim Lerwill OBE Stragglers' of Asia CC and Self
Mr Peter Liell Society of Old Framlinghamians
Major Jeffrey Lloyd Gurkha Welfare Trust
Major Charles Lockhart QRH
Mrs Margaret Lockhart QRH
Mr David Long Friends of the Imperial War Museum
Mr Barry Lorkin Old Framlinghamian Golfing Society
Mr Robin Ludlow  
Mr & Mrs Raymond & Janet Mabbott Queen's Royal Hussars, Birmingham Old Comrades Troop
Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen Self (Formerly National President RBL)
Brig Robin Maddy Army Catering Corps Officers Dining Club (President)
Mr Alan Martin  
Mr David Mason President, Society of Old Framlinghamians
Lt Col Anthony Mather  
Mrs Jill Maynard Self
Mr Roy Maynard Self
Captain Ian McConnel  
Major(Rtd) Douglas McCully  
Major Ronnie McDuell QRH
Major Ronnie McDuell QRH
Mrs Freda Mckean Queens Own Hussars
Mr Norman Mckean Queens Own Hussars
Mrs Marty Meredith  
Lt Col Michael Meredith  
Mr 'Dusty' Miller The Burma Star Association (with Standard)
Mr Andrew Mills  
Mr Paul Mills Family & representing Noella Mills
Mr Tim Mitchell  
Lt Col Jeremy Moger Former Son in Law
Mr Richard Moger Family
Mrs Susan Moger Family
Lt Col Anthony Monk Army Catering Corps Association
Lt Col Ian Mortimer Commanding Officer, QRH
Mrs Frances Moyle  
Mr William Moyle  
Lt Col Michael Mumford Self
The Rev. Canon Gervase (Gerry) Murphy Family Friend
Mrs Peggy Mutton  
Mrs Dorothy Nicholson St Lukes Hospital for the Clergy.
The Reverend Canon Peter Nicholson  
Mr John Oates Burma Star Association
Brig John Oborne  
Mrs Margaret Oborne  
Mr Graham Osborne  
Mr Richard Overend Society of Old Framlinghamians
Mrs Marion Owen Family
Miss Valerie Packer St Luke's Hospital for the Clergy
Mrs J Page  
GEN John Page  
Gen John Page  
Lady Emma Parker  
Major Sir Michael Parker  
Capt Marcus Parry  
Brigadier Michael Paterson CBE Former Director Army Catering Corps
Brig Michael Paterson CBE Former Director ACC
Miss Rowena Patrick The Burma Star Association
Major William Peach  
Mrs Shirley Peck widow of Lt Col Peck QOH
Mrs Anne Pemberton Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races
Mr Oliver Pemberton Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races
Mr William Pepper  
Miss Hazel Perfect Kings College School Cambridge
Maj Gen Jeremy Phipps QRH
Mrs Susan Phipps  
Mrs Bridget Pierson  
Lt Col David Pipe  
Mrs Patricia Pipe  
Mr Norman Porter Old Framlinghamians - General Secretary
Mrs J Pownall  
Brig John Pownall  
Brig John Pownall  
Major Peter Pusinelli The Queen's Royal Hussars Regimental Association and Colonel S R Daniell
Dr John Rankin SOF
Lt Col Mike Reeve-Tucker County Manager - RBL Sussex
Brigadier Robin Rhoderick-Jones  
Mr John Riggs Burma Star Association
Mr Nicholas Robinson Headmaster of King's College Choir School, Cambridge
Mr Brian Rosen RBL Lyon, France
Mr Simon Rosen SOF
Mrs Patricia Roxburgh  
Mrs Caroline Rucker QRH
Brigadier James Rucker QRH
Mr John Rudd  
Mrs Christine Ruddock-Broyd  
Mr James Ruddock-Broyd  
Col Hugh Sandars  
Mrs Susan Sandars  
Colonel Peter Sharland Combined Services and Army Cricket Association
Col Kestrel Simson  
Colonel Audrey Smith self
Mrs Dinah Smith Self and Brigadier N G Smith
Lady Cicely Stanier  
Major Peter Steveney Self
Lt Col John Stevens Self
Brigadier Nigel Still Self
Colonel David Swann QRH Regimental Trustee
Captain Foster Swetenham Royal Scots Dragoon Guards & Royal Cruising Club
Lt Gen Sir Richard Swinburn Friend
Mr Paul Taylor Framlingham College (Headmaster)
Mr Michael Thatcher Worshipful Company of Cooks
Mrs Sandy Thatcher Worshipful Company of Cooks
Mr Hugh Thornton Worshipful Company of Cooks
Major Michael Thorpe Gurkha Welfare Trust
Mrs Esther Tibbs  
  Ronnie Todd-Young QRH
Brig Ian Townsend Staff college student and later DG of the RBL after Gen H-D's time as President.
Mrs Sue Townsend
Mr/Mrs Paul/Sarah Turner Former Staff Officer to General Pat
Cadet RSM Peter Twentyman Framlingham College CCF (Banner Party)
Lady Tessa Vallingsas As a friend from the STA
Lt Col Simon Varvill QRH
Mrs Jennifer Vaughan-Griffith  
Captain Richard Vaughan-Griffith The Queen's Own Hussars
Lord Richard Vincent Self
Lady (Anne) Walker  
Sir Harold Walker Gen Pat's predecessor as Pres of the Friends of the Imperial War Museum
Lady Hilary Waters  
Gen Sir John Waters  
Mrs Jane Watson  
Col Malcolm Watson  
Lady Anne Wilkes  
Gen Sir Michael Wilkes Self
Mr Bob Williams Framlingham College (Former Second Master Brandeston Hall)
Rev John Wilmington St Luke's Hospital for the Clergy
General Sir John Wilsey Army Catering Corps
Maj Gen Bill Withall Army Cricket @ Stragglers of Asia CC
WO2 Roy Witham Famlingham College CCF
MR Peter Workman OBE Self and 14/20KH and Cricket
Hon Lady Worsley  
Gen Sir Richard Worsley  
Mr Andrew Wright Society of Old Framlinghamians
Major Christopher Wyfock-Wright  
Lt Col David Younger QRH